I love this idea, although I would certainly have questions as well. But I think this is the future. I just wish I’d still be around when the orchestras I’m in move to something like this. I’m guessing I’ll be retired or dead by then! Ah well ….

Read about it here.

Hey, Apple, I have an iPad. How ’bout figuring something like this out with those devices? You’re local. You could work with Opera San José and Symphony Silicon Valley. You could announce it at the beautiful California Theatre since I suspect you like the place.

Just a suggestion! 🙂

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  1. Someone I know developed a sort of pedal and software to go with it (for tablets) so you can change the paper with your foot… I wonder if they have something like that here too, otherwise you would still have to swipe the tablet. It’s certainly a cool idea, and I think the musicians won’t mind getting a tablet!