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I need some Amazon coupons for oboe reeds. Any luck? (:

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I’m so glad I discovered these guys, and I hope you enjoy them too! 🙂

From the YouTube page:
Capilla Flamenca celebrates the Flemish miniatures in the Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels.

This gorgeous music was also recorded with the title: “Espris d’amours. Miniatures flamandes”. The CD acts as a kind of “missing link” bridging fourteenth-century to sixteenth-century music: this music is rarely performed and was until now only sporadically recorded.

Espris d’amours was originally released in association with the exhibition “Miniatures flamandes” organised by the Royal Library of Belgium and the Bibliotèque National de France. The exhibition was shown in Brussels from September to December 2011 and has now moved to Paris where highlights from the Flemish miniature art will be exhibited from March until June 2012.

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The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is paying up after losing a wager with its counterpart in San Francisco on the outcome of the World Series.

Detroit music director Leonard Slatkin is expected to present San Francisco Symphony music director Michael Tilson Thomas with coffee, coffee cake, Zzang! bars and Vernors ginger ale during intermission of today’s Live from Orchestra Hall webcast.

The Detroit Symphony had banked on the hometown Tigers defeating the San Francisco Giants. But the Giants spoiled it by sweeping Detroit in four games.

Tilson Thomas had vowed to wear a Detroit Symphony cap during rehearsals for an Asian tour if the Giants lost. Slatkin’s wager was to wear a San Francisco Symphony baseball cap.

He did Wednesday during a rehearsal in Detroit.

I read it here. There was no photo with Slatkin wearing the cap. 🙁

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Their office may be a stage, their work clothes black tie and their tools of the trade priceless instruments. But the day-to-day lives of orchestra musicians are more work than glamour.

On reality television, the riskiest professions are ironworker, firefighter, lumberjack and the like. These days, you can add “orchestra musician” to the list.

Being a classical player employed near the pinnacle of your profession used to be a pretty stable occupation; the average Minnesota Orchestra player has been there 18 years. But Michael Adams, who plays viola with the orchestra, has been out of work since Oct. 1. His wife, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra violinist Daria Adams, joined him in unemployment three weeks ago.

Both are locked out, neither playing nor earning a paycheck, a microcosm of the fallout from a nationwide wave of orchestras dealing with multimillion-dollar deficits. Managements contend that, because of dwindling revenues and higher costs, the artists must take significant salary cuts if the orchestras are to survive. Musicians counter that the troubles are cyclical, and there are other ways to balance budgets.

Read about this couple who play music for a living.(Right now, though, they aren’t getting much work, due to the lockouts with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Minneapolis Orchestra.)

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I love this … take a popular tune, translate to Latin, and go back a few years …

Here’s the YouTube info:
For years now, “Mia” is a very popular song in Belgium. The song was originally created and performed by Luc De Vos and his band Gorki. Last year, a teacher translated the original Dutch lyrics into Latin and the Capilla Flamenca converted the well known melody to a polyphonic song. Since “Mia” does not exist in ancient Latin, the new name of the song became “Rosa”.

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Hey cool guys who are smoking a hookah, you also look like you’re all playing the oboe.

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… sometimes takes a very long time.

I had seen a news segment on this man on CBS Evening News, but the video above (which appears to be the same thing) was seen this morning on Adaptistration … it reminded me that I had wanted to post this. (Thanks, Drew!)

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We’ve now had two performances. Have you gone yet?

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… for Die Fledermaus! Read it here.

There’s also one fro Stark Insider which isn’t quite as upbeat. Read it here.