… One of the musicians who is acting as a union spokesman is Doug Wright. Guess who has moved my stoic Nordic self to leap to her feet in spontaneous applause? Doug Wright. Guess what you’ve done in that direction? NOTHING. I don’t even particularly like the trombone. It’s not in my top five favorite instruments. And that man can play the trombone to make me jump up and shout, “Bravo!” I am not a shouter of “Bravo.” But I shouted it anyway. Do you understand that at all? Have you had that experience of the orchestra you run? Do you remember that that’s what you’re supposed to be facilitating, at all? What do you think your letters are going to do to override that?

I love this! RTWT

Thank you, Marissa Lingen, for allowing me to post this!


  1. My favorite part (well, almost) is a comment to her post:

    ” I think that since they are saddled with such idiot management, the musicians should have whatever they want, AND A PONY.”

  2. Yes … the pony would be good. Even better if it could be a bassoon playing pony, you know? 😉

  3. Whatever could you be speaking of??? 😉

  4. I’m sure if you think very carefully you’ll figure it out, dk! 😉