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Okay … I stole that subject header from Dan. (Thanks, Dan!) It was too much fun to let it just go ….

But yes, Fledermaus is over. I will admit it’s not my favorite opera, but it’s fun to play, and there really isn’t much to stress over. The very few solos I have aren’t difficult, and I can “schmaltz” them up a bit. And then there’s that drunk solo! (Aside from the “Drunken” remark the pencil marks aren’t mine.)

It’s fun to play around with it, and it’s pretty much up to me when it comes to how far I take it. I hope I managed to make it work. This is one thing I’d love to hear sometime, just to know what it sounds like out in the hall. Alas, I never hear recordings (union rules and all that*), so unless Opera San José puts a short clip on YouTube I haven’t a clue how I sound. (I could go to the OSJ offices and listen, I think, but finding the time to do that would take … well … time!)

*Update: I was just going to remove my comment, but decided it would be best to clarify for at least one reader and probably more! My “union rules and all that” was NOT in any way meaning I disagree. On the contrary! These are quite necessary (knowing that at least one recording I was on was sold for profit in Europe some years ago, we do need to protect recordings … and I could go on about that but I’m racing out the door at the moment). So please understand that comment wasn’t to say I think that rule should be abolished. Not at all! (I hope this calms some readers out there. I’m so sorry to have offended you.)

Next up is Symphony Silicon Valley, with Peter Serkin and George Cleve. We are doing Brahms and Tchaikovsky. You might have heard of those guys.

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