I just read this headline:

Finally, a Computer that Writes Contemporary Music Without Human Help

For some reason (is it just me?) I read the “finally” as in “this is a good thing and we’ve been waiting eons for this”.

Not I.

Maybe it’s just my problem, though.

I read it here.


  1. Oh, no, Patty. Not your problem. The problem is with a branch of the art form that can be reduced so simplistically that the results of a single computer program (that lacks the experience of 2500+ years of musical history) can write something accepted by listeners as ‘Music’.

    I admit I haven’t heard it, but I find it difficult to accept that a computer program can encompass all of human history and derive something original from it…

  2. Yep, Bob. It’s this whole simplistic thing that has me annoyed and frustrated …

    I also believe that great music has humanity in it. A computer just can’t get there. (Man, am I sounding like an old lady?)