I suffer from tinnitus. This is not uncommon for musicians, since we are exposed to loud noises (well, music) so frequently, and in our younger days who thought of wearing earplugs!? I also had a bad bout (who knew migraines could cause hearing issues?) that brought this on which I won’t bore anyone with yet again (I blogged about it a number of years ago and it’s not necessary to go on about it).

This morning, though, the ear is screaming louder than it’s ever been. My left ear is so loud that I couldn’t go back to sleep once I woke up at 5:30. I finally pulled out the iPhone and found an app for white noise. It helped, though the ear also pulses (like blood when you hear it pounding, rushing … if you know what I mean) so the white noise pulses which is annoying. I’ve since looked at a few options for the sound and the higher the frequency the happier my ear is. If it nearly matches the pitches I hear it nearly cancels it out. So I’m sitting at the big computer now, which is connected to the stereo, and I’m playing this sound that nearly makes me sane.

Oh c’mon … stop your laughing! What I meant was “as sane as I am capable of being.” You knew that, right?

Please, younger musicians (older too, of course!) wear your earplugs! You can’t get rid of hearing loss and tinnitus doesn’t magically disappear completely. Your ears will thank you for it. Or at least they’ll remain silent on the matter. I will never “hear” silence again, and that makes me very sad.


  1. I know what you are going through. I worked in rock radio for 15 years and was exposed to alot of loud music at concerts and in the studio.

    My ringing started up about 1 year ago one morning. I take loads of Vitamin B and that helps.

    Good luck.

  2. Hmm. I take a multivitamin, but I’m assuming you take a bunch more than is in that? It’s certainly worth a try! Sorry you’re dealing with this as well, Gray.

  3. It’s nice to know there’s an app for that. Really, I’m not being a smarty pants. I’m going to look into this.

  4. There are several apps, Charlotte, and some are free! I’m finding it quite helpful. I like the sounds that are higher pitched, as they seem to cancel out the higher pitch in my left ear a bit better.

    I still hate tinnitus, though!

  5. Yup. Loud sounds and hearing loss/tinnitus go together. PLEASE follow the advice of the poster and keep the volume mild, wear your earplugs and treat this a bit like the advice about condoms: don’t use ’em and you might regret it.