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I didn’t know until Tuesday that I wouldn’t be needed for this Symphony Silicon Valley set, due to very late music arrival. We are doing Kurt Weill and I guess the exact instrumentation isn’t as easily found online or something. When we get late notice like that and we are on the roster we still get paid. This hasn’t happened to me before with SSV, and of course I feel guilty for getting something for doing nothing.

But wait … I’m not doing nothing after all!

When I was released I was asked — clearly being given the opportunity to decline — if I could do the supertitles for Seven Deadly Sins. Of course I said yes: I think it would be wrong to sit at home and have them hire someone else to do it. So there you go.

But here’s the thing …


Yeah, I’ve played many a solo in the group. Sure, I get nervous for those solos. But I know what to expect and I do know how to play my instruments. I’ve never done supertitles before. I don’t know what’s in store.

I never volunteer to be a page turner for a pianist. I did that once, many years ago, and I vowed never to do it again. I’m hoping this new job of mine is easier than that. At least I know no one will see me while I do this: as a page turner you are right up there in front of the audience. I’m only comfortable with an audience when I have an instrument in my hands.

So stay tuned. I’ll fill you in on how it went come Monday.

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