I had a fantastic time this past weekend. I’m so very thankful I was asked to help with the supertitles. Had I not been asked to do that I might have stayed home — pretty likely I would have, in fact! — and I would have missed the wonderful program.

I really fell in love with the music of Kurt Weill, and Lisa Vroman was simply incredible. What a wonderful program!

Here is a video featuring Ms. Vroman with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and Richard Kaufman conducting:


  1. Wish I could have seen the titles, but I was pretty much right under them. Lisa was just astoundingly wonderful. “It Never Was You” had me in tears both shows.

  2. I was SO glad I stayed for the second half on Sunday, patti with an i, although it made me regret I hadn’t stayed for the first performance! I was the same as you for “It Never Was You”. WOW. I do hope we have Lisa Vroman back again … and again ….

    PS Aren’t you gonna go for the Shabby Apple deal? 🙂