08. February 2013 · Comments Off on Copyright Issues · Categories: Ramble

I’m really bummed, but it might be that I will have to stop posting my Sunday music. I rarely watch the videos as I listen to see if I like them enough to post (foolish, I am now realizing … sometimes I can be rather slow and stupid about this stuff!), but I was just listening to the one I had scheduled a week from today and looked up right at the end when I see, “No copyright infringement intended.” Sigh.

I’ve seen these in the “info” section of YouTube videos before. It’s so silly. If I go to a store and pick up a candy bar and eat it all and then say, “I don’t mean to steal this so if you want it back please let me know and I’ll return it.” am I being “legal”? Hmm?

Truth be told I’ve been wondering about the videos for a while. Just because something is up at YouTube doesn’t mean whoever posted it did it legally. I’ve been trusting that what I’ve selected is okay, due to things I read (or didn’t read), but I’m realizing that that simply might not be the case.

I’ll ponder, but it’s possible I may have to stop doing those. I just can’t be posting things here that aren’t completely legal.

We’ll see ….

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