27. February 2013 · Comments Off on Being Kind · Categories: Ramble

Okay … this is a total pattyramble™ of the worst sort, but here goes …

I am not good at being kind. In this music business I’m in we can often be quite critical. We also can gossip. A lot. I’m guilty of both.

The other night I vegged out by watching the Oscars. As I watched, I was reading Twitter and Facebook entries. My but we all love to bash people, and if they are famous we like to do it even more. I do it too, but watching the show and reading hateful remarks made me think about how it must look to others when I’m that way. And I don’t think I want to be seen that way. Ever.

A lot of us classical folk tend to pick on anyone outside of our field with a vengeance, too. We really want to dump the snob label, but at the same time we (and yes, I include myself in this) want to have at it with people we deem unworthy. Go figure. I guess it’s just this whole being human thing.

But you know what? Life is short. People are … well … people! I should treat them the way I hope they treat me. It’s the least I can do.

Recently tragedies have struck close by. Picking on other people seems even more ridiculous, stupid, and rotten in light of things that have happened. I’m going to attempt to be kinder. I’m going to attempt to take care in what I say, and how I treat others both in person and in writing.

Like I said, life is short. Surely I can be kind during this brief stay on planet earth. I’m hoping so, anyway!

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