25. March 2013 · 2 comments · Categories: Quotes

I told the dental hygienist that I was a classical musician. Response: “You don’t do that for a living, do you?”

—Beth Zare, French hornist

Yes, I wrote about something similar to this just a short time ago. And yes, it continues to happen.


  1. My dentist’s office is more musician-friendly than yours, I guess. (Yay, Dr. Ahtye!) (could be because my bassoon-playing ex-BF and his violinist wife also go there, you think?)

    But if I had a dime for all the “hobby” remarks I’ve heard in my life…

  2. Well, this was Beth Zare’s dentist office. Mine is better. (My dentist came to Les Mis one year when I was playing the show, and his mother goes to our SSV performances!)