08. April 2013 · 3 comments · Categories: TQOD

After giving it some thought, and talking to someone, I’ve decided not to give up on oboe just yet.


  1. Marc Raymond Duste

    While reports of my father, Ray Duste, passing in 2007 were exaggerated, I’m sad to report that he did pass away peacefully April 4, 2013 at the age of 94. He had been in robust health and clear of mind, playing golf (he shot his age at 92!) and continuing to hold court at Forrest’s until a month before his death. His wife Ellie and I were at bedside holding his hands as he left us.

    A great and gracious man, gifted performer, insightful teacher and inspiration to all; I’ll miss him forever.

    Marc Duste

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Marc. May I post this publicly on the blog, please? (I”m assuming so, since comments are public, but I do want to get your permission.)

  3. Thank you, Marc. I have fond memories of listening to your father play for me at Forrests music many years ago. He was so kind, very funny, and incredibly musical as he played excerpt after excerpt for me! I felt like I had a free lesson and a lovely concert all wrapped up together!