01. May 2013 · 2 comments · Categories: FBQD

Also performed on my own reed today!!!! Good day to play oboe.


  1. I agree – we can be picky, and I will be. I can’t quarrel with his sound; it’s brighter than I care for but that’s a purely subjective choice. But in the slow movement he pushed the tempo unmercifully, making what should have been a relaxed, sensual exploration of melodic possibilities into a crowded, unsettled race to the end. And he was so lost in his ornamentation that he buried the two great moments in the movement, the deceptive cadences, such that the composer’s intentions were entirely lost.

    The two outside movements were far too fast for my taste (again a subjective judgement) and lost a sense of elegance, traded for bravura flourish that failed for the inability to arrive on the beat.

    Sorry, Patty, I love this concerto, but didn’t care for this performance at all.

  2. I only put ’em up, Bob. I never critique. Not while I’m in the business, anyway! 🙂