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At an orchestra concert early. Child sits down next to me and yells at the ensemble to be quiet so he can play his game. #culturalpurge

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All I want to do is play the theme song to Game of Thrones on my oboe

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Gustav Nordqvist: Wonderful Peace
Pacific Lutheran University

(Sure, it’s about Christmas. But who says we can’t hear this in May?)

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William Byrd: Deo Gratias
The Stairwell Carollers, Ottawa

I received a nice note from a singer (Hi, Holly Massie!) of this group, and it was just enough to cause me to post more Sunday Music. I’m not sure I can keep it up every week, but at least I’ll do my best.

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When [name here] took over Golcheski Manor this weekend, she practiced oboe, made reeds, watched RHOA all day & forgot to feed a cat. #oops

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This goes up with sadness …

Principal Oboe
Resume deadline: September 30, 2013
Audition dates: February 23-25, 2014

Audition Process for the San Francisco Symphony
A limited number of highly qualified applicants will be invited to these auditions. We can only accept resumes for vacancies with scheduled auditions. The Audition Committee of the San Francisco Symphony reserves the right to dismiss immediately any candidate not meeting the highest professional standards.

To apply, you may fax, e-mail, or mail your One-Page resume to the contact information provided. Be sure to include the name of the position you are auditioning for (e.g., “Second Trumpet”). If we require an audition tape, you will be notified.


You may fax, e-mail or mail a one-page resume to:

Amy Sedan
Orchestra Personnel Dept. specify audition
San Francisco Symphony
Davies Symphony Hall
San Francisco, CA 94102
Fax: (415) 863-9330
asedan [at] sfsymphony [dot] org

No phone calls, please.

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S/o to my daddy for driving me last minute to fix my oboe. He da beeest <3 ...hope it gets fixed tho :(((

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Golden or silver plated key system on my new oboe? Silver is too main-stream yet gold is more profound. Difficult choice! #Classical

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Although many musicians won’t admit it, there are conversations that go on between an instrumentalist and their instrument. Making all that beautiful music together requires the cooperation of both parties and there is always a subtle negotiation that goes on between them. For some instruments, these conversations are fairly straight-forward. For example, violinists have conversations that go like this:

VIOLINIST: I’d like to practice my orchestral part.
VIOLIN: Sounds good. Which page should we start on?
VIOLIN: Ready whenever you are, pal.

There are also instruments whose capabilities are so great that they start making suggestions:

PIANIST: I’d like to practice some Chopin.
PIANO: Wonderful! Etude or Nocturne?
PIANIST: Nocturne.
PIANO: You know, we could also play Liszt or Brahms or Bach or Mozart or Tchaikovsky.
PIANIST: Let’s stick with Chopin
PIANO: Right, Chopin it is. Good call. How about some Schumann later?

And then there are those instruments that are just plain difficult. Before I moved to New York, I was a professional oboist. In many ways, an oboe player and their oboe are like a bad marriage. You put on a good face at parties and always appear to be in love when in public, but behind the scenes there is constant bickering and non-stop drama.

AARON: Shall we practice?
OBOE: Sorry, not now.
AARON: What? Why not?
OBOE: I don’t feel like it. Besides, it’s raining.

and listen …

Many thanks to Pam Hakl for this link, as well as the Cleveland at the Bar link. 🙂

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