04. June 2013 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I just received an email that began with this:

To Patricia Mitchell,

I’m a huge fan of the Oboe in Sight blog and wanted to pass on something new that could be a nice fit for your music section.

Of course it’s someone who is asking me to do something for them, but I didn’t bother to read any more about what they are selling. If they don’t give me a specific reason why they are a “huge fan” I’m just not buying it. Really … these things are just so hysterical. Sometimes they write that and then whatever it is they are selling has absolutely nothing to do with music at all. (I think this one did, but I still need more evidence that they actually mean what they write.)

And “music section”?! Um … this is an oboe blog. What part is the “music section” anyway?

So hey … if you want me to do something for you like advertise, please know that I don’t do that. I rarely accept books folk want me to read either. I used to, but I found that 1) many were horrible and I don’t do reviews of things I can’t stand and 2) I read too darn slowly! I sometimes take CDs or downloads, but only rarely and again I will only comment on what I like, not on what I don’t like. As long as I’m in the performing biz I just don’t want to go into the negative.

Just wait until I retire … I’ll just have at it!

No. Not really. I just don’t like posting stuff like that.

Now back to the Cliburn. Is anyone else watching and listening? They announce the finalists in a few hours! The final semi-finalist is playing as I type.


  1. Well, that was an interesting insight on the part of the spam message writer — I always thought of your site as “Oboe Insight”, but “Oboe in Sight” is quite cool too!

  2. I deliberately list it as “oboeinsight”, Vladimir. I let readers decide how they want to interpret it! 🙂