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One of the world’s leading concert pianists angrily exited a performance on Monday evening saying YouTube was “destroying music” after he caught a member of the audience filming him on a mobile phone.

Krystian Zimerman, from Poland, was distracted by the concertgoer while in the middle of playing Karol Szymanowksi’s Variations on a Polish Theme in B Minor at the Ruhr piano festival in Essen.

Still playing, he raised his gaze towards the audience member, who was sitting in a balcony seat above him, and said: “Would you please stop that?”

But while Zimerman, 56, resumed playing the work he had clearly lost his concentration, and left the stage shortly afterwards, evidently agitated.

On returning, he told the audience that he had lost many recording projects and contracts because music managers had told him: “We’re sorry, that has already been on YouTube.” “The destruction of music because of YouTube is enormous,” he added.


I find the taking of videos rude and it’s definitely against the rules, but I’d not heard before that recording projects and contracts are being lost. How sad if that’s true.

I’m trying very hard to only post videos from YouTube that I am sure are okay to post. I won’t post something from a live concert that was shot by a concert goer. I won’t post anything that was recorded via TV either. I used to, not realizing that that might also be illegal.

Someone was shooting photos from the balcony of Sunday’s concert. I kept seeing a red light from the phone’s camera. It was quite distracting. I guess people just won’t ever get it or respect the rules. It’s annoying.

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