… I encourage you to attend this concert on Tuesday evening. Sadly it’s a wee bit far for me.

I heard Gonzalo Ruiz a while back here in the Bay Area. I also heard him a few years ago. What a wonderful player! And there is something so incredibly wonderful about the sound of Baroque instruments. Truly … check it out. Then you can report back to me!

Symphonie des Dragons
Gonzalo X. Ruiz, director

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Au Goût du Soldat: Refining Regimental Music in France and Germany
New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall
Symphonie des Dragons brings together many of America’s finest wind players under the direction of Gonzalo X. Ruiz—BEMF’s principal oboist, professor at Juilliard, and one of the world’s most acclaimed practitioners of the instrument. This exciting program traces the civilizing influence of the oboe band on military and ceremonial music between 1680 and 1720, from simple marches and field music, through the more refined martial works of the Philidor manuscript and Lully, to the fully realized masterworks of Krieger, Fasch, and Zelenka. A full complement of oboes and bassoons—with doubling on recorders—rounded out by guitar and percussion makes this an ensemble unlike any other ever heard at BEMF.

Gonzalo X. Ruiz, Debra Nagy, Kathryn Montoya, Priscilla Smith, Kristin Olson, Cameron Kirkpatrick, Luke Conklin, Stephen Bard, Samuel Budish, Aaron Reichelt, & Jeanine Krause, oboe & recorder; Nate Hagelson, Dominic Teresi & Rachel Begley, bassoon; Charles Weaver, guitar


Suite in G from the Philidor Collection
Suite in F from the Philidor Collection
Suite in C from the Philidor Collection
La Marche Suisse
Marche des Pompes Funebres de Mademoiselle la Dauphine par Mr. Paisible (The Queen’s Farewell)
Marche de Savoye fait par Mr. de Lully
Anonymous: Pomerisches Chaconne
Handel: Trio Sonata in G minor, Op. 2, No. 5
Krieger: First Suite from Die Lustige Feldmusik, 1704
Suite in D from the Philidor Collection



  1. I am also unable to get to Boston, but I have heard this was fabulous. The La Marche Suisse was my favorite followed by the whole Philidor Collection. Such a great era of music during this time period that often goes unnoticed. I hope to see this at the Bach Festival in July if I am out in California.

  2. I just love the Baroque era, and especially when played on period instruments, Will. I hope you can get to the Bach Festival! (I won’t be able to, but perhaps next year!)