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I think they should call them “Yahoo Questions”, really, but what do I know? I just read this:

How to tell my mum I want to quit the oboe?
I need to quit the oboe that I’ve been playing for only half a year but keep forgetting to bring it home from school and my mum says that I’m wasting money and that I don’t practice, I made a pro and con list and had more cons so how do I tell her and my teacher????

I remember asking my mother if I could quit oboe on occasion. It mostly had to do with reeds, as I loved the instrument. Shoot, I still hate reeds and love the instrument. Go figure. When I was older I asked her why she just didn’t let me quit and she said that she knew I had talent and thought I really liked it even if I was upset at the moment.

I’m thankful she didn’t just say, “Okay. Quit.”

Of course she did allow me to quit piano … after a very very very bad and embarrassing concert.

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