28. June 2013 · 4 comments · Categories: IDRS2013

No more IDRS for me. I really had a great time, and I do hope to attend another sometime soon. Now that I understand things a bit better I know how I’d do things. I was happy to get to workshops. I didn’t get to enough concerts. I enjoyed the outdoor event, but it’s so difficult to really hear players and I’d rather hear them play where everyone is listening. Yes, even musicians stop listening at these things, and the talking was rather loud at last night’s winery concert. I know it’s not hip to want people to be quiet and listen, but I’m not hip so I guess that’s just okay!

I did three “brave” (for me) things: I introduced myself to Martin Schuring last night, I spoke at the panel discussion this morning and I introduced myself to Peter Cooper a bit later. I used some friends as my “opening line” when speaking to the two master oboists. Thank you, Cooper Wright and Jillian and Dave Camwell … do you feel used?!

Speaking of Dave and Jillian, there’s an album coming out soon that includes another dear friend’s work. Mike Touchi, I’m so excited that this will be out soon!

Here’s a full movement of Mike’s fantastic piece! (I still like it best with strings, but maybe that’s just me!)


  1. Ah… the cost of fame… everyone wants a piece of mango.


  2. Um … what? I don’t understand, Cooper!

  3. Of course strings! I wish we’d had the luxury of recording with strings! Hopefully we’ll be able to perform this live with strings some day soon!

  4. I KNOW you’d love doing it with strings, Jillian! Maybe a live performance sometime soon? Wouldn’t that be cool. Heck, if I could make it work, I’d try to get there for that. (Fat chance, but I can dream, can’t I?!) 🙂