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I really was foolish on this trip to IDRS. I had the absolute joy of meeting Renaud Patalowski of Marigaux. What a nice man, and the instruments … so lovely! He offered to have a look at my oboes, but did I think to bring my instruments and have them looked at? Naw. And today when I was back at the exhibits I forgot to bring my reed case and I didn’t try ONE OBOE. Ack. What a goof I am!

Next year (I really DO hope to go next year!) I will bring a few reeds every time I go into the exhibits and I just might bring my oboes so Marigaux can have a look-see at them.

Thank you, Renaud Patalowski, for your graciousness. It was wonderful to meet you!

Renaud Patalowski & Marigaux at U of Redlands

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