11. July 2013 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

I meant to blog about some things from the IDRS and I still haven’t gotten to them. I still intend to … honest!

Hmm. Maybe quickly I’ll write about the clothing issue someone brought up at a panel discussion:

One member of the panel said she never wears jeans. Not to teach private lessons, not to play rehearsals … she just never wears them! I suspect this is something that one has to figure out depending upon where they live. I hope so anyway, because I do wear jeans! I won’t wear them to the university (although I see plenty of male instructors do so: we still haven’t reached equality there, I guess, as I never see women instructors do so), but I will wear them to teach privately and I will wear them to rehearsals. If I were the only one to do so I’m guessing I’d think again. So look around you. If you are new to the job, see what others are doing. Yes, we musicians like to be non-conformists much of the time, but if you are new and don’t want to draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself you just might decide to “do as the Romans” for a time.

The speaker also mentioned seeing underwear. Yes. Really. I remember my first concert at UCSC. I had attended, assuming every adjunct would want to hear their students. (Silly me! I was the only adjunct at the concert, sad but true.) Sitting up on stage was a female student whose thong (and I’m not talking sandals) could be seen above her low cut pants. Sorry, but this isn’t acceptable. Nor is cleavage in my little opinion. We are there to be heard and distractions such as that are not a good idea. (I know some will disagree with me. This is my blog, so I get to write what I believe to be true and if you want to disagree you can comment and I might approve it, or you can start your own blog!) Saggy pants with underwear showing might be cool for some guys (I’ve yet to understand that one), but you don’t want to go there when you are on stage. Nor do we want to see your white t-shirt underneath your black if you are doing the “pit black” thing.

We are professionals. We should look like professionals. We should behave like professionals. Yes, we all think we are “special” because we are, after all, “artistes” … but you know what? There are plenty of special artists out there and the ones that keep the jobs are most often the ones that behave.

Ack … I’m sounding like an old lady!

Guess what?

I am.

Okay … enough of me for now. This is what happens when I decide, “Gee, I need to write something on the blog before I lose the five readers who check this place out.” I wonder if I’m now down to three readers. Or maybe even one.


  1. Jillian Camwell

    I’m still reading, Patty! And I couldn’t agree more about professional attire. I’d even say sleeveless (even with straps) is inappropriate. Definitely no low cleavage. I feel risquée wearing sandals/open-toed shoes while performing. I’ll bet you didn’t think I was so conservative, eh?? I think Dave is arranging for some female colleagues to speak with the female music students at the beginning of the school year about what is and is not acceptable. He feels it will not come off as well coming from him or another male colleague. It’s amazing what we’ve seen students wear during band concerts…

  2. I’m with you on sleeves, Jillian. 3/4 length or longer for me.

    I don’t think everyone knows just how distracting some things can be, nor do I think some have good judgment. Guess those dress codes in our contracts are important!

  3. Jaime Ondrusek

    I’m purely an amateur, but I agree completely. I happen to be a big fan of shoes with toes–they are literally all I wear, in all conditions and seasons. With the exception of performance. I figure that the most interesting part of my performance should not be my shoes….