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Dan and I went to the Josh Kornbluth show, Sea of Reeds the other night. What fun it was! We rarely (as in nearly never) go to theater things. Opera, yes. Symphony, yes. But theater? Not usually our cuppa. But this was recommended to me (thanks, Janet!) and we managed to fit it in Thursday … the only night we could possibly go.

Mr. Kornbluth talked about oboes, reeds, and his Jewish faith. I would love to see a script because there were things about music that were so darn true and said in a way that touched my heart. Obviously I wasn’t allowed to record it, and they don’t hand out scripts, so oh well. I just memorized — or attempted to memorize! — the one thing he said about playing. It’s so true that we feel as if we are what our instrument does, if that makes sense to anyone. I attempt to get away from that. I tell myself I am not my oboe!, but when I make a mistake I sure feel like it’s all about who I am. If my sound is rotten it feels as if I’m rotten. We put our heart and souls into our instruments (or at least I do) and we (I?) feel a bit naked out there in front of the listeners. So “Whatever sound comes out .. that’s me feels exactly right most of the time.

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Right Now I’ve got … Oboe ? I think it’s an Oboe I’m Hearing.