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(If you can’t see or hear the video go here.)

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The classical menu for parents is about to get a whole lot bigger.

In an effort to expose more young people to classical music, the Cleveland Orchestra next season will more than triple the number of Severance Hall concerts children under 18 may attend for free with a paying customer.

Instead of 14, the orchestra during the 2013-14 season beginning next month will make available 46 concerts under its popular “Under 18s Free” program.

“I can’t make people like classical music, but I can certainly make it easier for them to try it out,” said Ross Binnie, the orchestra’s chief marketing officer. “I want to change the way people think about it.”


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‘I like classical music but I’m not sure the patrons of McDonald’s do.’


(Yeah, I know not all classical music is slow, but I’m guessing that might be what they would choose to calm the “Yobbish behaviour”.


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In today’s weird news: We learned via our pal Brian Wise of member station WQXR that the august judges of Miss America 2014 in Atlantic City on Sept. 15 will include not just former *NSYNCer Lance Bass and comedian Mario Cantone, but also one of the world’s most popular classical artists: violinist Joshua Bell.


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We Are Perfectionists. We Are the star of the band. We Get the awesome but Solos Oboe is Super hard