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“Let me dispel a brain development myth,” Spitzer told The Economist. “Many people think classical music is going to enhance brain function (the Mozart effect) or playing particular games sharpens one’s cognitive function. These theories have been looked at in detail and they don’t stand up. It is disappointing in a way, but what we have learned is that exercise is the key thing for brain function.”

I’ve been way behind on my walking miles, due to vacations and other things. I desperately need to start up again. I’m not sure I am any smarter (I do have OldBoeBrain, after all), but they do keep me more content.

But still, there’s this:

What about playing an instrument? Don’t you have to use right and left brain for a stringed instrument?

Yes. That has clear cognitive functions that do crossover. Especially learning to play and read the music at the same time. But exercise is number one, diet number two and then social interaction. These are the important things for brain function.


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