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Led Zeppelin fans found a new reason to dislike opera this year — if they cared enough about opera to dislike it in the first place. The iconic band’s bass player, John Paul Jones, scotched the most recent round of rumors about a possible reunion concert or tour next year. “2014 is full of opera for me at the moment,” Jones said. He isn’t planning on going to operas, or listening to them. He is writing one. It’s based on the short play “The Ghost Sonata” by the 19th-century Swedish playwright and author August Strindberg, and, in a brief TV interview captured as he left a performance of Philip Glass’s new Walt Disney opera, “The Perfect American,” in June, Jones said he was halfway through the first act.

Jones isn’t alone.


Well … I suppose many of these guys are old enough now to be in the audience, so why not compose and hear their own stuff, eh? 🙂

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