So we have now had two orchestra only rehearsals for Falstaff, and one rehearsal with the opening night cast. From what I could hear it sounded quite good! Of course I can’t hear a lot, being under the lip of the stage and having the orchestra surrounding me, but I do try to listen as carefully as possible. Today wasn’t the best of days for that, though, as I had a “vertigo episode” and for the first hour I was just busy working on not throwing up or passing out. Fortunately by the second hour I was a bit better, and by the third I thought I was nearly fine. Only when I stood up did I realize the world was still spinning a bit around me.

I’m finally catching on: I have noticed for a long time that my tinnitus is louder sometimes and that is a prologue to a migraine. This time it was also a vertigo warning. (Hmm. Now that I’m typing this I wonder if I really DID know that but forgot?! I’d not had an issue in so long I may have blocked it out.) From here on out the moment the tinnitus gets louder I think I’ll take a medication that helps with vertigo, just in case. I’d rather be safe than sick!

Now that I’m back in the pit I’m hoping all of my students will soon be in the studio. Vacation was so darn fun I started to get a bit too used to it, and I need the students back so I can enjoy the joy they can bring me to remind me that I do love my jobs!

Of course a good reed or two would help with that too.


  1. Christopher is excited to be subbing for two rehearsals for Falstaff. I woke up at 5:30am to Falstaff (full volume)! Should be a good day! Have fun and wish I could see the production.

    Take care,

  2. Great to hear he’s subbing with us, Lisa! Did I see him there today? Seems like maybe so. (I never turn around and right now I can barely turn my head anyway due to the vertigo.) We are a training opera company, but the singers are sounding great!