I’m on an elist run by a neighborhood guy. I read the most ridiculous stuff. I also read some rather troubling stuff (racism is alive and well, I’m sorry but not surprised to say). I read some stupid stuff (people can complain about the silliest things). I read, too, about lots of animals that are lost or waiting to be adopted. Recently someone sent a video along with the “adopt me!” request. I normally ignore the animal posts since we don’t feel like we have the time or energy for an animal, but one with a video caught my attention.

The video was quite professionally done. I’m guessing maybe the person hired someone to do it, or a family member is a professional. It caused me to watch the entire thing (and yes, the pit bull was adorable). I wondered about the music, though. I recognized it. I’m fairly sure it was John Williams, but I don’t know if it was from a movie. At the end of the video there was a very professional, movie-like credit screen. All the typical stuff: title, starring role (the dog), editor, production design, casting, director of photography, costumes, executive producer and more. What I wanted to know, of course, was “Who was that composer?!” Guess what was on the screen?

Music by iTunes

Really?! This is what we’ve come to? Music by iTunes.

Who knew?

Composers matter. Taking a composer’s music and using it matters.

Or maybe iTunes has started composing. Dunnno.


  1. “Music by iTunes???” Grrr. Completely unacceptable. Sounds like the work of somebody who knew darn well that what he/she was doing was a copyright violation and was trying to make it harder for anyone to call him/her on it. Weasel.

  2. Yeah, I thought it very well could be that, patti with an i. That being said, it’s a video that won’t go far, so I guess I’m not going to do much more than grumble about it.