As the Camwells know, I really really want them to do this with strings sometime, but this is the next best thing! Here they are, playing it with the piano. It’s such a wonderful work, and they do a fabulous job! My only issue with posting this is that folks might not like my playing any more. Uh-oh!

Dave Camwell – Saxophone
Jillian Camwell – English Horn
Christy Eckerty – Piano

So … get that CD! iTunes link


  1. What a great piece! Wish I’d known it while I was still playing! Why don’t YOU do it with strings? I’m sure you could get a slot on one of Barbara’s concert series…

  2. I’ve done it twice with Barbara, Bob! I did the premier many years ago with Bill Trimble, and did it again with Dale Wolford only a while back. It’s GREAT fun!

  3. Playing that with Bill must have been a gas! He was one of the finest musicians I’ve ever worked with…