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There’s a nice long article in the Merc about Irene. Do check it out.

Toward the end is this:

“The financials aren’t healthy right now,” and $500,000 will have to be pared from an already lean budget of about $3.6 million for the season that begins next week.
“If we do that, our public will not be getting what they’ve been getting,” he admits, “but artistically it will be as it ever was. Excellence will still be on the stage. If we cut any more, then we start to compromise, and that’s where I draw the line.”
Hancock is uncertain if there will even be four operas in OSJ’s 31st season, but fully intends to produce a world premiere in his first year as company chief. The opera will be based on the E.M. Forster novel Where Angels Fear to Tread and make its debut in February 2015.

I SO curious who the composer is. There was an opera of that out over a decade ago, but this must be something new since it says it’s a world premier. Interesting!

How sad, though, that we may have to cut back on the number of operas and, from an earlier article, the number of performances of the operas we do get to do. I hope we somehow get rescued. It’s so rough these days for performing arts groups.

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