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Considering how “my” Giants have done, I’m ready and willing to move on. Here … have a Fantasy Football and Fugue.

What fun!

From the YouTube Video:
If football and classical piano were any more similar they would be the same thing.

Both are fiercely competitive.
Both require violence, elegance, and nerves of steel.
Both demand a lifetime of intense training and discipline.
Both promise fame and glory but usually lead to working with kids.
Both will leave you with some sort of brain trauma.
But both will totally get you laid.

The Fantasy Football and Fugue isn’t just a bad music pun, it’s a classical mashup of network NFL anthems (CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC) that would make Bach and Butkus proud.

Through the lens of classical music and short film, I hope to open these seemingly dissimilar fields to new audiences, sign a multi-million dollar development deal with a major Hollywood studio, become friends with Aaron Rodgers, and not get sued by 4 networks simultaneously.


Written, directed, edited, composed, arranged, performed, produced, and cried over by Ansel Wallenfang

Director of Photography: Jason Roark
Color Correction and Post Production: Benji Brucker
Production Assistant: Vince Largoza
Gaffer: Anders Lund
Titles: Clay Nowak

Michelle Arrazcaeta, Gabriela Baiter, and Shea Jackson as the Cheerleaders
Josh Boston as the Tackler

Special thanks: Alec Mattison and Portland Piano Company
Additional thanks: Don Shelford, Melanie Myers, Mark Fitzloff, Emily Fincher, Josie Goldberg, Jacob Sperla, and my wonderful lady who had to endure hearing these themes plunked out thousands of times.

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I just read this:

The audience at [name removed] clearly did not know that clapping in between movements of a piece of music seriously disrupts musicians’ concentration.

No, my concentration is just fine. I might be irked. I might not. It depends on the work and which movement. But I don’t lose my concentration.

… or at least it’s good for the health of mice, maybe.

A group that includes Teikyo University associate professor Masanori Niimi was honored with the Ig Nobel Prize for medicine for research involving heart transplants on mice and three types of music, including opera and classical.

According to a report by the group published in the Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery in March 2012, mice that had undergone heart transplants were exposed to the opera “La Traviata,” classical music by Mozart, songs by Irish pop singer Enya and simple sound frequencies.

Such mice normally live an average of seven days, but those treated to the opera survived 26.5 days and those that listened to Mozart held on for 20 days. The mice that listened to Enya or simple sound frequencies, however, lived only seven to 11 days.

“Our findings indicate that exposure to opera music, such as ‘La Traviata,’ can affect such aspects of the peripheral immune response,” the group said in its report.


And okay, these ARE the Ig Noble prizes! 😉

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my best Friend plays the Oboe . Makes It quite an Interesting sound!