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Who says critics can’t be kind?

After sitting through the first half of a concert, and the first movement in the second half, it seemed clear to me that the young ensemble was not fully up to professional standards. Rather than enumerating the many problems with the performances, just not reviewing seemed the kinder option. I’m glad I was able to reach my editor and kill plans to review the concert.

Whew. For the performers AND me. That would have been a tough assignment.

— Scott Cantrell

I saw it here.

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Once again we find no oboist on the list of Macarthur Foundation Fellows. Such a shock, don’t you think?

But many congratulations to Jeremy Denk, who was awarded one. I’ve enjoyed his blog, Think Denk … you might want to check it out too. (Not recently updated, though.)

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Jonathan Wisenthal began taking regular cello lessons at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music two years ago. Wisenthal is 73.

“When they announced that they were opening, their original publicity said that the VSO School of Music was for all ages and abilities,” he said. “So I read that and I thought, ‘Aha that’s me.”

Wisenthal isn’t alone in his late-in-life focus on musicianship.

Curtis Pendleton, executive director of the VSOSoM, says administrators noticed last year that almost half of the school’s 1,000 students were adults, and 30 per cent of those were aged 55 and older. Some enrol as absolute beginners and others return to lessons to dust off faded skills.


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A South London secondary school has started playing classical music in the corridors to make a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere at busy times.


Oh how I’d love to make suggestions … that would totally destroy the “peaceful atmosphere. I’m just goofy that way.


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I finally Can Relax Now. We’ve got Internet at the apartment, I’ve got my classes figured out and my Violin and Oboe . Now time for homework.