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I just ran across a Dallas Symphony Orchestra YouTube video. It has a young guitarist playing a part of Bolero. But no credit at all is given. Very odd. It’s to advertise their concert which includes Bolero. I do hope — well, we should be certain, right?! — they asked permission to use this video for an advertisement. I had to search on YouTube to find the full video. So rather than sharing Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s video I’ll share the full one. Surely this young musician should get some credit!

(I’m hoping DSO will fill us all in and say that yes, indeed, they received permission to use that. I’m goofy that way. I can barely see the URL to his site on their video, but it’s so difficult to see I typed in the wrong URL. Below is the link so you can see his site for yourself.)

Sungha Jung playing Ravel’s Bolero:

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