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For young musicians looking to enter Beijing’s prestigious Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), the jury audition is the most stressful performance of their nascent careers.

For many of their professors, however, it’s the most profitable time of the year.

“The new semester is when they make all their money,” admits one professor over lunch, requesting anonymity. “Students and parents have already handed out cash hongbao to most or all of the professors who will sit on their jury panels.”

“I had parents from Dongbei [north-east China] calling me up three weeks before the exams, asking how can we ‘maneuver’ this,” says another professor, who also asked not to be identified but who says bribes often reach into the hundreds of thousands. “Of course, parents want to do everything for their kids. Especially when they have money.”


Pretty sad if it’s all true. (I realize that reading something online doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true and accurate!)

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