Another male conductor, Bruno Montovani, opens his big mouth.

The profession of a conductor is a profession that is particularly physically testing, sometimes women are discouraged by the very physical aspect – conducting, taking a plane, taking another plane, conducting again. It is quite challenging.

A woman who wants to have children will have a hard time having a career as a conductor, which can mean changing tack abruptly overnight for several months… Raising a child at a distance isn’t easy.

But I love response:

All I can say is that last night I conducted a concert of Mexican contemporary music in the first half and then Sheherazade in the second half; I am four months pregnant and I have never felt this amount of energy before.


  1. He’d have plotzed if he’d seen me removing, rebuilding and replacing the master brake cylinder on my car: Had my first contraction as I was wiping my hands after I finished the job.