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Kenneth Woods has brought folks to task for continually reporting about the “dissing” of female composers. He suggests, instead, that journalists “write a feature article profiling at least 20 to 30 women conductors working today.”

A very good thing to do!

(But I would also say that while I think he has an excellent idea, it’s still quite important to report on the negative issues women continue to deal with. I think reporting the Good Stuff is great, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge the Bad.)

I am happy to say that conductor Barbara Day Turner, of San Jose Chamber Orchestra, is featuring a different female composer each day on the San Jose Chamber Orchestra Facebook page. What a wonderful idea!

I think I’ll feature women conductors here when I find something I can share. This is a YouTube video and I really hope it’s okay to share it. I’m getting even more leery of YouTube videos: they suggested one of my goofy little videos wasn’t legal, and yet I see so much there that I question. Funny how that goes.

This is an interview with Susanna Mälkki, put up by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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It appears to be selling quite well. If I were closer I’d give it a go. Alas, can’t happen … work in my neighborhood means a trip can’t happen.

And no, I wasn’t asked to publicize this. It’s funny, because I receive emails daily asking if I want to write something about a pop or rap singer … but something that interests me and I’m sent nothing. Funny how that goes!

Not that they need an oboe blogger to publicize for them. 🙂

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That’s why.

LONG ROAD. Concert in the Great Hall of Latvian University. Oct 12, 2012

T?ls ce?š / Long Road (2010)
State Choir LATVIJA, conductor M?ris Sirmais, composer ?riks Ešenvalds

Flute solo: Andis Klu?nieks

(The work isn’t as long as this video so you might want to stop it when you reach the applause.)

I love you night and day as a star in the distant sky. And I mourn for this one thing alone — that to love, our lifetime was so short. A long road leads to heaven’s shining meadow And never could I reach its end. But a longer road leads to your heart which to me seems distant as a star.

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The site says “down for maintenance.

“Since August, visitors to the Philharmonic’s website have been greeted with a “closed for maintenance” message. Music director Alan Pierson’s contract expired in June and hasn’t been renewed. The administrative staff has left. An orchestra source, who declined to speak on record, says the group is experiencing severe financial difficulties due to a drop in fundraising.”



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I forgot what it feels like to play the oboe and actually enjoy it. It’s kinda nice. 🙂