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Kenneth Woods has brought folks to task for continually reporting about the “dissing” of female composers. He suggests, instead, that journalists “write a feature article profiling at least 20 to 30 women conductors working today.”

A very good thing to do!

(But I would also say that while I think he has an excellent idea, it’s still quite important to report on the negative issues women continue to deal with. I think reporting the Good Stuff is great, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge the Bad.)

I am happy to say that conductor Barbara Day Turner, of San Jose Chamber Orchestra, is featuring a different female composer each day on the San Jose Chamber Orchestra Facebook page. What a wonderful idea!

I think I’ll feature women conductors here when I find something I can share. This is a YouTube video and I really hope it’s okay to share it. I’m getting even more leery of YouTube videos: they suggested one of my goofy little videos wasn’t legal, and yet I see so much there that I question. Funny how that goes.

This is an interview with Susanna Mälkki, put up by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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