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Clarinetist Paul Miller has something to say about the audition process. It begins:

Here’s a story we’ve all heard too often over the last few years:

A national-level orchestra announces auditions for a principal position, to be held in three months’ time at the orchestra’s home venue. Applications and resumes are sent and screened; letters of invitation are returned. 100 musicians, many of whom have advanced degrees and a decade or more of professional orchestral experience, prepare for months. They travel to the orchestra’s home city at personal expense, and following four days of intensive auditions, word comes down:

Three people in semifinals. One made it to finals. One other musician was auto-advanced.

Nobody was hired.

I am really weary of hearing the “no one was hired” story. C’mon. Really? All of these players pay a lot of money and give so much time and energy to these auditions. I have a very difficult time believing that there wasn’t one that was qualified for the position.

Call me skeptical.

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