24. October 2013 · 2 comments · Categories: TQOD

After stressing about security touching my oboe I was happy to see another guy coming out if security hugging his violin case


  1. I know of a young oboist, who is always surprised how come the contents of his double case is not mistaken for a compact bazooka or a rocket launcher by the security screeners at the airport. He is still waiting for them asking him to open his case and demonstrate what’s inside (maybe even asking him to play to prove it’s not fake).

    My explanation: a smart person should probably realize that conic bore is not suitable for launching projectiles.

  2. Hah! I love that, Vladimir!

    I used to (horrors!) soak a reed in my mouth as I was driving to rehearsals. (I didn’t have an instructor who told me not to do so.) I used to hope to get pulled over by the police, as I figured they’d see me from a distance and think I was smoking something questionable (yes, I have a vivid and silly imagination). It never happened. Such disappointment!