Anyone out there using this ADJUSTRITE Musician’s Chair by Vivo USA? A member of Symphony Silicon Valley brought hers to work last night and it looks like it might be a great chair. I’d be curious to hear from others. I sat in it, but only a short while and not with my instrument, but I liked the back support. I love the adjustable legs. We aren’t all the same height, after all!

It’s not cheap, as you can see! (Unless you have an adblock extension running, that is. Then photos don’t show up here.)


  1. patti with an i

    I like the chairs they have now in SF (at Opera? Symphony? Not sure which) that are almost infinitely adjustable. You can move the back not only up & down, but also slide it in toward the front of the seat or out farther away (so you can get back support even if you like sitting forward on the chair). And the front and back legs adjust independently by means of cranks, so seat angle is very very customizable as well. I imagine they’re hideously expensive, though.

  2. I know the opera has some that swivel … I’ve seen players swivel as they play! I wondered if that might be a bit odd when one is doing a tremolo. Have you tried the chair sitting toward the back of your section?