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The piece allows users to take control of a virtual orchestra and “play” grandiose orchestral pieces, including “Concert Overture From A Midsummer Night’s Dream,”, Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5 (4th Movement),” and more. Visitors enter a room to find themselves at a conductor’s stand with 12 speakers watching them like a loyal philharmonic group. At the stand rests an electronic note pad where they can pick the symphony, exclude certain instruments, and add others. The e-reader-like device also can adjust the color of the lights in the room, adding a special ambience to match the music.

Here’s where that playful part comes in: the conductor’s baton is equiped with a Leap Motion control that measures the movement of the baton. The song’s tempo is controlled by the speed at which the holder moves the baton, allowing (more-or-less) chopped ‘n screwed interpretations of famous arrangements. Well, at least they are beautiful remixes that can increase the reverb, speed up the refrains, and nix those pesky clarinets (Gershwin is not included in the composer options, so why add those dominating woodwinds?). Effektorium inspires a personalized orchestra experience that we could get lost in for hours.

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