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(Said in your best chicken voice!)

Thian Carman’s chickens lay bigger eggs when he plays them classical music.

He knows this for a fact because of a recent experiment he carried out for a high school science fair project.

Thian, 15, possibly Nova Scotia’s youngest registered farmer, has 67 laying hens on his farm in Barton and sells about 40 dozen eggs a week.

For his experiment he took ten chickens and put them in individual cages, and then for two weeks he fed and watered them as normal and measured the weight and size of every egg.

Then he subjected the ten chickens to country music for two weeks and measured the eggs.

Finally he played classical music to the chickens for two weeks and measured every egg.

His records show a slight increase in size and weight when the chickens listened to country music but a more significant increase when they listened to classical music.


I did an experiment with plants when I was in high school. Some “heard” rock, some classical, and some nothing.

Nothing happened.

I don’t remember what music I played, though. Nor do I remember if I was really diligent about it. That was FAR too long ago!

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Free time is like a great oboe player: both are mythical.


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I just ordered an oboe reed that calls itself “the magic reed” ((legitimate))

(Yep, I’ve seen ’em and even tried ’em. I can report they did NOT clean my house.)

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Because I think this is lovely, I just have to post it! (Besides, it’s from the same group who wished you a good morning!) 🙂

Info from YouTube:

Track available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/the…
Sheet music available from http://www.seoltamusic.com/details.ph…
Irish/Scottish Traditional Arr. Desmond Earley
Mark Waters (solo vocal)
Desmond Earley (director)
UCD Choral Scholars 2012-2013
Sound Recording and Production: Kevin Whyms
Direction: Matthew Leigh
Production: Nodlag Houlihan
Recorded and videoed on Sunday 7th April 2013 in Memorial Hall, University College Dublin, Ireland.
This video and the arrangement ? & ? Desmond Earley 2013
Choir: Mark Waters, Glenn Murphy, Ronan Scollard, Sorcha Kinder, Rachel Dilworth, Aoife Heeney, Niall Stafford, Oisin O’Friel, Óisin O’Callaghan, Emily Doyle, Fiona Peacock, Niamh McCullough, Susie Gibbons, Ryan Hitchcock, Erik Goulding, Diarmuid Sugrue, Sarah Thursfield, Kate Lenehan, Niamh Murray.
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This makes me smile.

Free and Easy – UCD Choral Scholars & UCD Ad Astra Ensemble

With Nicholas Daniel and Warren Jones.

This is a new work to my ear. I’m liking what I hear!

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for only playing oboe for a year and getting a one at states,I’m feeling pretty great 👍

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William Henry Harris: Faire is the Heaven (words: Edmund Spenser)
Tenebrae Choir

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John Newton: Amazing Grace, arranged by Daniel Brinsmea
Salt Lake Vocal Artists; Dr. Brady Allred, Conductor

Or something … I found this online:

how do u play happy birthday on the oboe is it even playable? and if there is can it be on simplest notes becuase im barley a beigner.

The fingerings for “Happy birthday” are. 0 0 13 0 1 12. 0 0 13 0 0(a little higher not too high though) 1. 0 0-(a little higher than the G) 12 1 12 12-(both E’s are a .