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Sometimes students give me a going away gift when they graduate, but not very often. They disappear, in fact, without saying goodbye much of the time. I don’t believe it’s about rudeness. Some are just not terribly savvy to etiquette. Most, though, are just too busy! They say they’ll be back, but then they never manage to return. (Sad for them, this means they miss out on a graduation gift from me, though! Ah well … guess they don’t know what they missed, right?) I’m always sorry when they disappear that way, as I’ve mentioned before.

I was so surprised, though, that I received a most lovely gift from one senior a short time ago. I didn’t realize she knew I was so into flowers, but it turned out she did. Maybe she even reads my blog(s). (The majority of my students don’t.)

If you read this, Megan Seo, I would like to publicly thank you for this WONDERFUL gift of an azalea plant. I think of you every time I walk by it. 🙂


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why do I keep getting emails about my ‘upcoming oboe lessons’!? I don’t even play the oboe