It’s a battle, I tell ya!

I’m a high school student about to turn 16, and my parents are giving me the option of buying a car or an English horn (a musical instrument related to the oboe, for those that don’t know); they both cost about the same amount. I’m a serious oboist/musician and I plan to continue my music studies in college in a double major of music performance and something in the medical field. I would obviously like to have both, but that’s be not an option haha. Any guidance would be appreciated

Hmmm. No mention of chocolate, though. That’s a pity. 😉


  1. One of my son’s friends was exactly in the same situation and choose English Horn. My son was luckier: he got his English Horn in the 7th grade, long before that thought about the car really crossed my mind (and even before he got his own oboe)

  2. My parents, who raised four children on a school teacher’s income (mom was a stay-at-home mom) managed to provide me with both and oboe and an English horn and, in addition, provided a bassoon, flute and trombone for my sibs. I still marvel at how they managed to do that! Never was a car on the table, though. That was up to us!