19. May 2014 · Comments Off on Artists’ Photos · Categories: Ramble

I have a complaint. I know, I know, I’m a whiner! But I promise I’ll just keep this short and sweet. So here you go:

I find it annoying when an artist’s photo is so old I can’t tell if I’m really seeing the scheduled artist or if they’ve put in a replacement because the performer looks to be twenty years older … or more! Geesh. Accept aging, folks. I don’t need to know what you used to look like. I’m okay with age. Really.

Which reminds me … it’s time to update my photo at the Symphony Silicon Valley site because that thing was taken so long ago I remember my father was sitting right next to me at the table and he’s been gone for a number of years now.

I guess I’m talking to myself with this one, eh? 🙂

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