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Alex just emailed me (hi Alex!) with a link to this video and his recital info.

Update with info!

St James Church
865 Madison Ave, New York, NY
Alex Liedtke, oboe
Christopher Jennings, organ/piano

JS Bach – Oboe sonata in gm
JS Bach – Trio sonata in CM
Henry Martin – Prelude and Fugue in D
Eugene Bozza – Fantasie Pastorale
Maurice Drufle – Sicilenne
Malcolm Arnold – Sonatina
Oliveier Messiaen – Transports de joie

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Ah, Joyce DiDonato, you once again nail it! (Do read the whole thing … it’s so very worth it.)

May I admit that this made me cry? Yes. I may. And I will.

This. Made. Me. Cry.

I need to remember … we all can remember …

You will never make it.
The work will never end.
It’s not about you.
The world needs you.

You … are now servants to the ear that needs quiet solace, and the eye that needs the consolation of beauty, servants to the mind that needs desperate repose or pointed inquiry, to the heart that needs invitation to flight or silent understanding, and to the soul that needs safe landing, or fearless, relentless enlightenment. You are a servant to the sick one who needs healing through the beauty and peace of the symphony you will compose through blood-shot eyes and sleepless nights. You are an attendant to the lost one who needs saving through the comforting, probing words you will conjure up from the ether, as well as from your own heroic moments of strife and triumph. You are a steward to the closed and blocked one who needs to feel that vital, electric, joyful pulse of life that eludes them as they witness you stop time as you pirouette and jettè across the stage on your tired legs and bleeding toes. You are a vessel to the angry and confused one who needs a protected place to release their rage as they watch your eyes on the screen silently weep in pain as you relive your own private hell. You are a servant to the eager, naïve, optimistic ones who will come behind you with wide eyes and wild dreams, reminding you of yourself, as you teach and shape and mold them, even though you may be plagued with haunting doubts yourself, just as your teachers likely were – and you will reach out to them and generously invite them to soar and thrive, because we are called to share this thing called Art.

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I’m convinced That if you Blow into a Straw hard enough it would make the same noise as an Oboe . # Sorrynotsorry