… well … define “modern” 😉

This is a new one to my ears, and maybe to some of you as well. Great fun!

William Billings (1746-1800): Modern Music
Quire Cleveland

We are met for a Concert of modern Invention;
To tickle the Ear is our present Intention.
The Audience are seated expecting to be treated
With a Piece of the Best.

And since we all agree to set the Tune on E,
The Author’s darling Key he prefers to the Rest,

Let the Bass take the Lead and firmly proceed,
Till the Parts are agreed to fuge away.
Let the Tenor succeed and follow the Lead,
Till the Parts are agreed to fuge away.
Let the Counter inspire the Rest of the Choir,
Inflam’d with Desire to fuge away.
Let the Treble in the Rear no longer forbear,
But expressly declare for a Fuge away.

Then change to brisker Time
And up the Ladder climb, and down again;
Then mount the second Time and end the Strain.

Then change the Key to pensive Tones
and slow in treble Time; the Notes exceeding low
Keep down a While, then rise by slow Degrees;
The Process surely will not fail to please.

Thro’ Common and Treble we jointly have run;
We’ll give you their Essence compounded in one.
Altho’ we are strongly attach’d to the Rest,
Six-four is the Movement that pleases us best.

And now we address you as Friends to the Cause;
Performers are modest and write their own Laws.
Altho’ we are sanguine and clap at the Bars,
‘Tis the Part of the Hearers to clap their Applause.

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#Bach is so good he even makes the oboe sounds amazing. Just another oboe BURN you inconsequential instrument you.

Awwww ….

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Yep. I chose it. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I did that, though. I landed my first job when I was eighteen. There weren’t that many auditioning for English horn in San Jose Symphony: not a whole lot of competition for an orchestra at that level back then. These days it would be a lot tougher. I am very certain I wouldn’t win an audition there now, if the dear orchestra still existed.

I learned, quite some time ago, to whine about it. I learned to complain about reeds. To ramble on about losing weekends. To sigh about a lost holiday because I had to work.

And yet … I would like to state publicly that I love my job. I love sitting on stage and, even more, in the pit. I love working — collaborating — with wonderful colleagues. I love working on and performing incredible works from eons ago and from just a day or so ago.

Is it work? You BET. Do I make as much as someone outside of the arts? Most often not. But there are many that do earn less. I’ve not had to work at a fast food restaurant or a grocery store or … well … you get the picture. My last job like that was back in 1982. Even then I was working at a bookstore and who would complain about that?!

Do I stress over it? Absolutely. If I make a mistake I live with it for far too long. If I make a large blunder someone might even write about it in a newspaper or an online publication. That eats at me. It hurts. I say I don’t care, but I lie a lot about that. Of course if I play well I might get a good mention, which is always nice.

I hear people complain about their jobs. The long hours. The lack of respect. The poor treatment. Many of these people earn a ton more money than I do. They are unhappy. They hate it. They own their houses outright. They don’t fret over money. But they are so darn unhappy it makes me sad.

So let me say again. I love my job. I am grateful to do what I do. I love music. I love the arts. I love creativity.

I’ll probably still whine. I excel at whining. But I chose to be here and I continue to choose it. I would do it all again.

I love my job.



Performing: symphony, opera, musical theater, chamber music. And then there’s teaching! I love introducing oboe to newbies and encouraging those that already play.

I love my JOBS.

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Because you get what you pay for. Really.

There is no brand on this oboe but they sell for $500 new on Ebay. They are made in China of a compound consisting of ebony dust and bakelite. (They do a good job of making it look like wood.) This one is a few years old but still looks like new. Everything works and the pads are in good condition. It has a nice leatherette case with a velour inside cover and even a carry bag for the case. Included is a new instruction book with CDs, a brand new Woodwind Artist model reed (in addition to the reed that I got with it), and the cork grease. $200 and I’ll pay for the shipping (U.S. only).

This would make a really nice lamp or, as my husband suggested, a light saber. It will not make a good oboe. I promise.

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Elgar: Ave Verum
National Taiwan University Chorus

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John Newton: Amazing Grace, arr. by Eriks Ešenvalds
State Choir LATVIJA; Maris Sirmai, Conductor

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… you know, the kind that is being played these days. Not for a Super Bowl ring, but for a World Cup trophy … here is a compilation of composers for each of the countries still in the games. Check it out. Listen. Enjoy!

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My Facebook friend, Jane Owens, posted this on Facebook. I don’t think I need to explain anything …

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 8.13.42 PM

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I just read this:

The oboe was the first woodwind instrument to be included in the orchestras of the 17th century. It has a distinct nasal voice that is the highest pitched of the three double-reed instruments in the orchestra. The name oboe comes from the French hautbois, meaning “strong,” “high,” or “loud…

Okay … “three double-reed instruments” … I’m stumped. What might they mean? We have oboe, d’amore, English horn, bassoon, contrabassoon … so which three are we talking about? Oh … bagpipe too. 😉

This was read here, at the Encyclopaedia Brittanica Kids site.

Yeah, I have a bit of free time as I watch the Giants lose try to win WIN (must think positively, right?!

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This seemed like a good time to post this, since it’s “football” season (otherwise known as soccer) … the “Würzburg Kickers” are a football team. In Würzburg. Of course.

It made me smile. And isn’t it funny how fantastic a group can sound when playing outdoors with no shell? 😉