And gee, I received this one earlier:


I’m just ever-so-popular.

For scams.


  1. Same thing just happened to my wife… a voice teacher in Washington state. The local contact person was a guy named Van Gander.

    Ohio kept popping up in the search and information. The Google Voice number was a NJ prefix, but the search kept putting it on the WV/OH border.

    Mrs. Debbie Mann, France, lessons twice a week. The check was signed by Mary Cowell (more likely–that was the name that was signed).

    The check came from Eastaboga, Alabama… 1240 Speedway Boulevard (a road with no houses on it).

    Just adding these names so they will show up in Google searches if people look. Sounds like the scammer isn’t very creative. But it must work somewhere.

  2. I’ve heard from just a few who fell for it. Sad, but musicians are often in financial need and so some jump at these things. Thank you for sharing, Timothy. I like to post these as well, so they show up on Google.