18. July 2014 · 2 comments · Categories: Listen

I heard a trombonist practicing one of the Schumann Romances. I’ve heard other players playing “our” music. And now my friend Dave Camwell sends me this:

Sounds great, Dave!

You can purchase it at CD Baby


  1. Jillian Camwell

    Funny story. We are presenting a little musical soirée at a local gallery while on vacation in Idaho, and I’m playing this piece using Dave’s background tracks. We had the recording engineer take Dave out of the mix, and I’m playing along with the orchestra. Music minus one, or classical karaoke? 🙂 The funny part is that since he’s still in the mic sounds of the string players, our friend couldn’t get Dave completely out of the mix, so when he has these longer, more elaborate ornaments (like at the end of the 2nd movement that you can hear in this clip), you can hear him being way fancier than me while I’m playing. Dave says it’s not audible from more than a few feet away, but I can hear it! It’s like he’s showing me up! Haha.

    We are doing the same thing with the Bach 1060 that we recorded together, the Touchi (2nd movement–there’s only one spot in that movement that’s a bit tricky timing-wise with a pre-recorded track, so to speak), and Dave’s arrangement of the Bach sonata that he also recorded with this orchestra. It should be a fun night!

  2. See, here’s the think, Jillian: they are SO envious of our wondrous sound, they just have to ornament more to stand out.

    We are still better. 😉