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‘Good music is a stress-buster’

Good music is a stress management tool. If students do not learn music, they should at least listen to good classical music or classical-based music…

I’m giving you a snippet of something I just read. I’m going to guess that most who read this blog are going to think it’s about classical music.

And it is.

Here’s more:

Each student should learn music, vocal or any instrument of their choice, and spend an hour every day in practice, he advised students at a lecture demonstration organised at Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan on Sunday.

At exam time, the students can focus on their academics, but during the rest of the year they should spend time learning and practicing music, he advised. A good beginning would be to form a listeners’ club and listen to classical music — Hindustani or Carnatic — and even film songs that are based on classical music were good, he suggested.

We Western classical folk aren’t the only ones … 🙂


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