It seems I spend a lot of time counting down. I count down days when I have a fun job coming up. I count down days, too, when I have a job I’m not comfortable playing and I want it to end.

Right now I’m counting down to the IDRS 2014 Conference in New York. I’ll be attending and, I hope, live blogging.

Tom Nugent is principal oboist in the Mendocino Music Festival, and he’ll be playing there so I really look forward to hearing him. I will be meeting up with friends I met last year, and I’m hoping to meet some people I’ve corresponded with but never met in person before. If any readers (ARE there any readers here any more? I’ve been so bad about this blog!) will be there do let me know and maybe we can connect too.


  1. I’m reading, Patty! I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday, performing Tuesday morning. Hope to meet face to face while we’re both in town.

  2. I saw you listed, Jennet … hope to meet AND hear you! 🙂